OSW Tokenomics

Key Metrics OSW

  • Token Name: OpenStream World Token
  • Ticker: OSW
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Token type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 680.000.000 OSW
  • Max Supply: 680.000.000 OSW

OSW Token Use Case

Pay for network broadcast fees:
Participants in the network must have some OSW tokens. Developers must pay for network use, as well as transcoding and deployment services.
Staking and Securing the network:
We offer an opportunity for OSW token holders to earn a passive income with crypto, through staking OSW tokens and securing the OSW network.
Investors can use $OSW or other stablecoins to invest in other projects that they support. Our IOSO mechanism provides a unique method to protect the investors if they use $OSW.
Viewers can use $OSW to buy gifts/donate directly to their streamer idols.
Buy/sell NFTs:
On the other side, Idols can sell their unique digital assets in the form of NFTs. Especially, if an Idol were a vtuber (virtual idols/characters that appear in streaming/video services), they could sell their virtual wardrobe/sponsor banners in each Livestream session.

How to earn and own OSW?

  • If you are an Idol/Streamer:
    • You can increase your income not just by viewer donations. Now you can sell your NFTs assets to your fans directly and more simply than ever before.
    • Your channel, your fans, your ads, your pricing: You decide what ads should be shown on your channel and at what price.
  • If you are a viewer:
    • View and interact with your idols, and receive some amount of OSW.
  • If you are an Investor:
    • IOSO is a good choice for you to grow your passive income. Verified high-quality projects need your support in their very early stages. You can receive OSW as a reward for successfully referring projects to other investors, or you can receive OSW if something goes wrong with your invested projects.
  • If you have hardware (your GPUs have too much free time):
    • Deploy a Stream Node Forger and let your hardware work and earn OSW.
  • Nothing above, you are here just looking for something fun:
    • Buy OSW on exchanges and see what's going on :-)