OpenStream World

Livestream Mission

Livestream missions are tasks that the platform or its partners create for advertising.
These missions will have a limited number of slots along with expensive prizes for streamers. The task table includes a complete list of the task details.
Streamers will carefully read and follow the requirements in the mission. Then the system will check and confirm each completed milestone according to the date of each task in which the streamer participates.
  • All self-channel accounts can join the mission
  • Each account can only participate in 1 mission at a time. After the mission time expires, the account will be able to register for the next quest.
  • After completing the days in a mission, please request a reward (request reward time will take about 1-3 days)
  • If a mission participant's Livestream violates the terms and conditions, crashes by any live stream,... The platform reserves the right to delete that account at any time.
In addition, the platform's terms and policies are detailed on the mission's detail page. Please read carefully to be able to create quality live streams and best suited to the mission you have chosen. And win a lot of valuable rewards