OpenStream World

Official Channel Introduce

Introduce Official Channel Account

The Official Channel account can experience all the functions of the viewer on the platform like:
  • Livestream
  • Create Events/Tournaments Event
  • Create Tournaments
Note: If your account registed package Earn While Watch or package L2E, you can't use this account register Official Channel Account

Register Official Channel Account

Become the Official Channel on OSW TV platform by filling in the following link:

Management Official Channel Account

Channel Information: Manage all the information of the account
Stream Key: Manage RTMP URL & RTMP Stream Key, another you can download OSW Studio on this page
My Video: Manage all video you had livestream, you can edit title, thumbnail, hashtag of old video on this page
Event: Management events / tournament events mapping with OSW Studio
Tournament: Management tournament for member join when official channel create
Setting: you can change information, avatar or cover image of your account