OpenStream World

Viewers Introduce

Introduce Viewers Account

The Viewers account can experience all the functions of the viewer on the platform like:
  • Earn While Watch mechanism
  • Chat with everybody
  • Donate for channel
  • Join Daily Reward
  • Follow and register fan
  • All personal information is confidential
  • Join events or tournaments
Check out the instructions below to become a viewer on the OSW TV platform

Connect Wallet to Application on Mobile


Connect Wallet to Application on Desktop

You can use wallet address: metamask, wallet connect,... to connect OSW TV.
After connecting the wallet. Let's update the information by filling your information in the setting tab.
Note: You can only once change your name.

Management Viewer Account

My Information: you can see information about your account on this page.
Favoriting: You can see all of the channels you favorited.
Package Store: You can buy package approve for your account
Setting: you can change the information, avatar or cover image of your account
Register Channel: If you stake the package Earn while Watch, you will not register Self-channel.

How to active Earn While Watch?

If you want active Earn While Watch Mechanism, you need to stake one of the packages
(See more: at here)